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RAID 0+1



RAID 0+1 is implemented as a mirrored array whose segments are RAID 0 arrays.

RAID 0+1 has the same fault tolerance as RAID level 5.

RAID 0+1 has the same overhead for fault-tolerance as mirroring alone.

High I/O rates are achieved thanks to multiple stripe segments.

Excellent solution for sites that need high performance but are not concerned with achieving maximum reliability


RAID 0+1 is NOT to be confused with RAID 10. A single drive failure will cause the whole array to become, in essence, a RAID Level 0 array.

Very expensive / High overhead.

All drives must move in parallel to proper track lowering sustained performance.

Very limited scalability at a very high inherent cost

Recommended Applications:

  • Imaging applications.
  • General fileserver.